Corner showers

Corner showers

A corner shower is an investment in the bathroom

We develop and manufacture our shower enclosures to be functional and attractive for many years. Our wide range of corner shower enclosures includes something for every style and bathroom size. 

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Corner showers in several different models

Shower, corner, glass - that combination forms a shower corner and is simply a corner made of glass - but if you ask us, it's so much more than that. We develop and manufacture our shower enclosures so that they are functional and attractive for many years. Our wide range includes shower enclosures for all styles and bathroom sizes. 

Style in all its glory, but something that is also incredibly important is function. Have you ever taken a shower and when you come out, there is just as much water outside as in the shower? We understand that this is frustrating, which is why we have spent a lot of time finding shower enclosures that can fit all types of bathrooms.  

We develop and manufacture our shower enclosures to be functional and attractive for many years. That's why we're sure you can find what you're looking for at Noro.

Cleaning a bathroom can be a hassle, especially if you have a shower curtain that gets wet and dull after every shower. A shower curtain should also be washed and replaced at regular intervals - yes, the list is long! And we all know the feeling when you get a little too close to a wet shower curtain and it sticks to your body. You can avoid this if you invest in a shower enclosure! Not only will it get rid of the shower curtain, but it will also make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

A shower enclosure should be easy to clean, have a long lifespan and be stable and safe. Our shower enclosures meet all these criteria and are designed for daily use, meaning you can enjoy our high-quality shower enclosures for years to come and keep your bathroom clean and tidy. 

As the shower enclosure has a central and important place in the bathroom, it should of course also have a beautiful design. Do you dream of a bathroom with modern lines, or do you want a more classic style that will last for years to come? In our range you will find different series: Noro Fix Trend, which is suitable for those who want a little stylish everyday luxury, Noro Frost Concept, for those who want black shower walls in industrial style or frosted glass with patterns, and Noro Snow and Noro Prisma for those who are looking for classic style combined with quality. At Noro there is something for everyone.