Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Create an airy bathroom

Mirror mirror on the wall... Whether you are looking for a specific bathroom mirror or large mirrors, round mirrors or mirrors with built-in LED lighting, you will find what suits your bathroom and your needs in our wide range.

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Bathroom mirrors for all bathrooms

A bathroom mirror is essential in a bathroom - especially if you want to make sure you look presentable when you leave home in the morning. Feeling stressed in the day-to-day is never fun, and getting your life together can be difficult, but a good start in the morning can hopefully leave you ready to face the world. Whether you are looking for a specific bathroom mirror, round mirror or mirror with lighting, you will find what suits your bathroom and your needs with us.
So you've decided to invest in a new mirror, but which mirror? Bathrooms with bad or too small mirrors are never fun to spend time in, so our bathroom mirrors are available in both rectangular and round shapes. You can choose a bathroom mirror with or without lighting and different widths, so you can be sure that the bathroom mirror doesn't feel too small for your bathroom.  
A nice bathroom mirror with lighting spreads a lovely glow in your bathroom and is a great choice if you have a small bathroom. A lighted mirror is a great investment if you have a bathroom with no windows or natural light - it makes the bathroom feel bigger. Another tip is to use multiple mirrors to make a small bathroom feel more airy.
Did you know that all our bathroom lighting uses LEDs? This makes them energy efficient, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. It also makes them very long lasting and a good investment that you can enjoy for many years.
Having a round mirror in the bathroom is a really big trend right now - and we really understand why! Using the round shape of the mirror in the bathroom not only makes the room feel bigger, but also helps to remove the sterile feeling that can occur in a bathroom with lots of tiles. Use our round mirror to create a more homely feel in your bathroom.