Towel warmers

Towel warmers

High quality towel warmers

The towel warmer provides a great feeling and many nice warm hand towels will be result from it. In our range, you will find the highest quality designer warmers in different designs and dimensions for both water and electricity.

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Towel warmers for all bathrooms

It's been a long day. You've just come home from work and are finally taking a shower. It is time to finally relax. You get out of the shower, happy that you have 10 minutes to yourself, and now you are going to dry yourself. You discover that all the towels are wet. The great feeling you had a few minutes ago is gone - sound familiar? You could have avoided this scenario with a towel warmer from Noro.

In our range you will find towel warmers of high quality and modern design in several models and dimensions. Do you have a small bathroom and think that a towel dryer will take up too much space? Then you should check out our range, as we have towel dryers that consist of only one bar, like our Noro Uno, or those that give you plenty of space for your towels, like Noro Nova. This means it's easy for you to find a towel dryer that suits your bathroom!

You've decided to invest in a towel warmer - water or electric? What's the difference and what's best? A water-based towel dryer is often connected to the house's radiator system and quickly becomes a lovely source of heat in your bathroom. This is an efficient and economical choice. 

If you choose an electric towel dryer, it uses, as it sounds, electricity. This is great if you're not able to plug it into the radio tower system, and you can also choose when it's on and off. This also means you can check that it's not drawing too much power, so it doesn't have to be a major expense. No matter what fits best in your bathroom, you can find what you are looking for at Noro.

You've decided whether your towel dryer will be hydronic or electric, and now the next step is to decide on the color and style. A towel dryer in black is a great choice if you're looking for a more modern feel in the bathroom, and a classic chrome color is great if you already have a faucet and shower in the same finish.

A towel rail from Noro is the bathroom luxury you deserve!