Massage bathtub

Massage bathtub

massage baths with warming bubbles

Do you dream of creating a luxurious feeling at home in your bathroom? With a massage bath from Noro, this dream can come true. There are models and sizes for every bathroom. Bathroom luxury for you.

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Everyday luxury for you with massage baths

Do you dream of creating a luxurious spa experience at home? Then a whirlpool bath is almost a must! At Noro you will find a wide range of corner whirlpools and whirlpools for two, which is perfect if you have a slightly larger bathroom. You'll also find massage tubs that don't take up as much space, fitting in a normal-sized bathroom but still giving you the luxurious feeling of a home spa. Our Swedish-made massage baths are of the highest quality and performance, and you can choose between different levels of equipment. All baths are thoroughly and precisely tested before delivery, so you can be sure that the quality and safety are top notch.