Bathtub Walls

Bathtub Walls

A bathtub wall is a perfect complement to your bathtub

Invest in a practical bathtub wall and easily and beautifully protect the rest of your bathroom from water splashes. Enjoy long, comfortable baths for years to come.

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Practical bathtub wall for relaxing baths

Looking for a simple and stylish solution to keep your bathroom from getting completely wet after a bath? Then a bathtub wall could be the answer.  Taking a bath should be relaxing and you don't want to have to worry about there being as much water on the floor as there was in the bath. Do you still scrape off water all over the bathroom after a bath? Do you always get wet socks when you enter the bathroom? Then we have the solution here - a bathtub with shower enclosure! It is the answer to all your questions and if you invest in a bathtub wall, you can easily and nicely protect the rest of your bathroom from water splashes and enjoy long, comfortable baths for many years to come.

We have many years of experience of what is suitable for different types of bathrooms. Whether you are looking for a shower wall, bathtub or something completely different, you can be sure that you will find it in our wide range. We have put a lot of focus on ensuring that there is something for all styles, and that you always find high-quality products that take your bathroom to a new level. 

Our bathtub walls are as functional as they are stylish. They are available in different designs, with different thicknesses and with or without handles. They swivel 180 degrees and have a highly polished aluminum profile with clean lines. Our bathtub walls are also great if you have a small bathroom as they don't take up unnecessary space, and you can enjoy a hot bath after a long day without having to worry about the whole bathroom getting wet.

Are you tired of wet shower curtains that are hard to clean? A bathtub wall, unlike shower curtains, is very easy to keep clean. One tip is just to remember to wipe it with a scraper immediately after the shower to avoid streaks on the glass. Our bathtub walls may be practical, but we also want to emphasize that your bathroom looks and feels more luxurious when you have a bathtub with a shower wall. In our range you will find bathtub walls in different designs and it is the perfect complement to your bathroom. At Noro we have something for everyone.