Shower mixers

Shower mixers that combine functionality with design

A shower mixer is a small but important detail in the bathroom. It's always there, helping you after a long day and making sure you get the perfect water temperature.

Shower mixers combine function with design

A shower mixer is a small, but oh so important detail in the bathroom, so if you're thinking about renovating your bathroom, you've come to the right place. Now is the time to invest in a high-quality mixer so that you can enjoy long, hot showers for years to come, and you'll find it at Noro.

If you're like us, you think a hot shower after a long day at work is one of the best things in the world. A shower helps you get clean and fresh, but is also a perfect way to release the stress after a long day - which is something we all need! At Noro, safety is always in focus and it is important to us that our customers feel safe when buying our products. That's why our shower mixers have a thermostat and scald lock, which helps to eliminate the risk of injury. 

A mixer should be safe and high quality and when it comes to mixers, function is important, but we don't think you should forget about the exterior either. We always recommend thinking about design when it comes to choosing a mixer. Renovating an entire bathroom in a completely new style and not replacing your shower mixer is a mistake that is easy to make, but you can avoid that now! In our range, you will find shower mixers that are both functional and stylish, and you can choose from several different styles - so we can guarantee that you will find something to suit your bathroom with us.

Shower tap, mixer, shower - it's hard to know which word to use to find the right one. Fortunately, with us you'll find experts who are happy to hold your hand throughout the journey. No matter what style you are looking for and how big the renovation is, you will find what you need at Noro and we are with you all the way.