Cleaning products

Cleaning products

Cleaning products from Noro

For a long-lasting and hygienic hot tub or massage tub with warming bubbles, Noro CLEAN & AROMA is your savior in the bathroom. An effective cleaner that also brings a pleasant aroma to the bathroom.

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Bathroom cleaner for bathtubs & massage tubs

Bathroom cleaning - shouldn't the bathroom be clean when we bathe? It's an exciting thought (and above all, it would be very nice if it were true) but unfortunately, it takes a little more effort to get a shiny clean bathtub and bathroom. At Noro, we know exactly how important it is to have a clean bathroom and you will therefore find everything you need to keep your bathtub clean and tidy here. 

Our Noro CLEAN & AROMA will be your savior in the bathroom when it comes to whirlpool cleaning. Noro CLEAN & AROMA are whirlpool cleaning tablets that will help you keep dirt and bacteria away. But not only that, it will also give your bathroom a pleasant aroma that contributes to a cleaner feeling. At Noro you will find products that make a freshly cleaned bathroom last longer.

A long and comfortable bath is just what you need after a long day. Preferably with bubbles, lit candles and your favorite music in the background. A nice bath is always nice, but how often do you really need to clean a bathtub? If you ask us, the bathtub should be cleaned more often than you think, especially if you bathe a lot. Even though it may not be what you want, we recommend cleaning the bath before you bathe - because who wants to bathe in dirty water? 

The feeling of relaxation is important and so is the cleanliness of the bathtub, so it's better to spend a little extra time cleaning to make sure that every bath is a wonderful experience. At Noro, we know exactly how important bathing experiences are and we have what you need to get the right feeling in the bathroom.

It is important that the bathroom is easy to clean, especially considering how much time you spend there. Remember to never use strong acids, ammonia, harsh and corrosive cleaners, caustic soda or agents that can have an abrasive effect on your bathroom furniture. If in doubt, we are always here to help you with tips and advice on how to take the best care of your bathroom and bathtub.