Bathtub with lions feet

Bathtub with lions feet

Enjoy in a beautiful clawfoot bathtub

A clawfoot bathtub is equally at home in a modern or classic home. Noro clawfoot tubs have a higher back for increased comfort. Choose from several different models in black or white.

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Claw foot bathtubs for lovely baths with increased seating comfort

Want to create a luxurious bathroom but don't know where to start? Then you should check out our wide range of claw foot bathtubs. There are both white and black clawfoot bathtubs as well as 4 different claws in antique copper, antique black, white and chrome to choose from. For us at Noro, it is important with ergonomics and comfort, which is why paw bathtubs from Noro have a higher back. Among other things, we have bathtubs with clay paws that not only give the bathroom a luxurious feeling, but it is also very practical to keep clean and tidy and access to clean under the bathtub. It is also good in a bathroom where there is not much space, as a bathtub with paws does not take up as much space and it means that smart storage and other things that are important to have in a bathroom get more space.